About Sulfur Studio

Sulfur studio was created by Sarah Lefresne, our founder, in 2023, in Hossegor, France.

After 3 years practicing, experimenting, playing around, making mistakes and learning from them, but also creating and trying to find her identity as an artist, here we are. Obviously still doing all the above, she is proud to introduce you this young, fierce, handmade and unisex jewelry brand that is Sulfur Studio. 

An inspiration strongly anchored in myths, legends and our wild world, to present you an alternative, modern and original style of jewelry.

So here we are, offering you an insight in our creator's mind. 

The story begin in Hossegor, following the drop of her studies, she boldly called all the jewelers around asking questions and trying to find the answers to lead her to her dream. One answered, and around a coffee offered her the opportunity to be taught a lifetime of knowledge, the old school way, one on one. 

So here it is, finally beginning her journey, which would later guide her to London, and Paris where she would keep on learning new techniques and ways with brands like Cartier, Hemes and Louis Vuitton, from several artisans in the industry. 

Which brings us to 2024, to Sulfur Studio, the pinnacle of a life long dream, the excitement is real and the motivation to create and offer you quality handmade creations always guiding our founder. 

Part of what we stand for is expressed through the composition of our packaging, entirely plastic free, biodegradable, and even for some of it, compostable ! We aspire to be able to do more in the future, but that's a first step towards a fully eco friendly brand. Moreover, since every piece in singly handmade from one place, there's almost no pollution involved at all, and some of our creations are actually in recycled sterling silver.


Sulfur studio is above all a dream, a passion, a heartbeat, a movement of the handle, metal, sweat, scratches and fire. 

Sulfur studio, it’s you, it’s me, it’s us, it’s the inspiration. 






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