After Care

All our jewelry is made in high quality 925 silver, some of it even is recycled from past creations and reused to be reborn in new ones.

I personnaly wear mine 24/7, while showering and sleeping, which is okay theoratically because i make it so you could do so.

However, I wouldn't recommend it, even if i do it myself, beware of cosmetics, chemicals, and salty water which can alter the metal and the stones, making the metal tarnish and the stones fragiles. 

You should also take off your jewellery for certain activities that can crack the stones (and end up broken), or the metal itself with contact, like rock clibimg, gardenning etc ...

To clean your jewellery, i usually simply use an old toothbrush and some natural soap, pretty efficient. To bring back some shine you could purchase a jewellery cloath, the microfibers are adapted for the metal and make it shiny and dazzling again. 

The jewelry is polished, treated thanks to a polishing drum, and then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, but if do you have any issues with it, please email us to the address below, however any defects caused on your part is your responsibility. 

xx Sarah 



For futher details here is a link to the national association of jewellerers's website




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